Indigenous women and children go missing at alarming rates. Despite the efforts of advocates, families and tribal nations, there is still a gap in reliable data about how many of our relatives are missing. Through this project, Women Spirit is working to help close this gap, by creating an independent database of missing indigenous people in Washington State, as well as a section of their website that is dedicated to raising awareness of those who are still missing. By providing this information, you agree that WSC will add it to the database and will display the missing person’s information (including photo) on their website.

By reporting this information to WSC, you are helping to bridge this gap in Washington State. Sharing this data with law enforcement helps departments understand the scope of the problem and helps allocate resources. Thank you for working with us as we address this epidemic.

If you are interested in being more involved, joining our MMIW committee or would like to know more about our project, please contact  Annie Forsman Adams

If you or someone you know if a victim of a crime and need help accessing advocacy and other resources, please contact the Indigenous Crime Victims Referral and Resource Center 

Links to Data Reporting Forms and Surveys 

WomenSpirit Coalition Experiences with Law Enforcement Survey
WomenSpirit Coalition Experiences with Law Enforcement Survey (PDf)

Missing Person Form
Missing Person Form (PDF)
Missing Persons Reporting Form Instructions
MMIW Demographics Form
MMIW Demographics Form (PDF)

WomenSpirit Coalition is not a law enforcement agency. When requested, WSC will forward this information to the appropriate jurisdiction and you may be contacted by law enforcement agencies. Whenever possible, WSC will advocate for the increased visibility of our missing relatives, but we are not responsible for the actions, policies or procedures of law enforcement agencies