Thank you providing missing persons information to WomenSpirit Coalition. We are committed to protecting indigenous women and their families and this information will be treated with the utmost respect and consideration.

About our project

Indigenous women and children go missing at alarming rates. Despite the efforts of advocates, families and tribal nations, there is still a gap in reliable data about how many of our relatives are missing.  By reporting this information to WSC, you are helping to bridge this gap in Washington State. Sharing this data with law enforcement helps departments understand the scope of the problem and helps allocate resources.  Thank you for working with us as we address this epidemic.


By filling out this form, you are agreeing to allow WomenSpirit to share this information on their website. This data will also be collected in a database and may be shared with other agencies.

WomenSpirit Coalition is not a law enforcement agency. When requested, WSC will forward this information to the appropriate jurisdiction and you may be contacted by law enforcement agencies. Whenever possible, WSC will advocate for the increased visibility of our missing relatives, but we are not responsible for the actions, policies or procedures of law enforcement agencies

General Instructions

Please provide as much detail as you and are comfortable with.

Pictures are not required, but are helpful in increasing visibility of the missing indigenous person

You may provide information for any missing indigenous person, regardless of gender, gender identity, or age

You are not required to answer any question. If you are uncomfortable, or do not know this information, simply skip the question and move on to the next one.

If you need assistance filling out this for you should contact the WSC offices at (360) 633-7083

Personal Information  This section provide a general description and distinguishing features of the individual

Gender Identity If the individual identifies as a gender other than their assigned birth, please enter it here. Otherwise, leave this box blank

Enrollment/Tribal Affiliation Please indicate if this person is enrolled as this helps to identify resources that may be available to you and your family, jurisdictions and geographical patterns. This information also helps us to gain an accurate understanding of the size and scope of missing people in Indian Country

If this individual is not enrolled you should still provide the tribe that they identify with or the reservation they lived on or near. If this person is federally enrolled in one tribe and lives in another others as well, please provide that information.

Arrest/Criminal History  This information helps law enforcement and other agencies to identify areas that are connected to the missing person. This information will be only used in searching for the individual and will not affect the efforts to locate them

Human or Sex Trafficking Victimization This is an important risk factor. If you believe this individual was a victim of sex or human trafficking, please provide as much detail about the incident or circumstances as possible. Use the extra sheet attached if necessary


Information Regarding the Disappearance  Provide as much details as you can in this section. This section will help to inform law enforcement of your loved ones last known activities and whereabouts. No detail is too small.  Make sure to include who they were last with, where they were going or what they were doing, who they last had contact with and their general activities prior to the disappearance.  Also, note any changes you or anyone else noticed prior to the disappearance.

Additional Contact Information  Provide contact information for anyone involved in the case that would be willing to speak with law enforcement.  If you have previously reported this case to law enforcement, please indicate where and provide all necessary information to be forwarded with this report. Include your contact information in this section.

If you do not want to provide detailed information, but would like to provide basic demographic information to WSC, please fill out the Demographics Survey here (Link to SHORT FORM)

If you would like to provide more information about your experience with Law Enforcement, please complete the Law Enforcement Survey [LINK TO LE SURVEY]

Disclaimer  Please read this section carefully. If you would like assistance filing a report with law enforcement, please check the box indicating this. You may either print and sign this form and email to Annie Forsman-Adams at or you can check the box indicating that you have read the disclaimer, instead of signing. By sending this form back to WomenSpirit Coalition, you are agreeing to this disclaimer