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Tribes, tribal programs/departments, tribal councils, individual tribal citizens, and allies of Native people are invited to become members of WSC. By becoming a member, you will receive the latest information and resources to eliminate domestic violence, and you will be showing your support of WSC in our mission to end violence against Native women.

You will receive:

  • Information, resources, and networking by partnering with allies and other organizations.
  • Opportunities to contribute to surveys to further advance the common mission.
  • Access to the latest trainings films and written materials.
  • Assistance for community organizing to eliminate violence.
  • Reports about the latest news, contemporary Tribal protocols and policies, and national organizing efforts in Indian Country.
  • Access to new information about government updates.
  • Alerts to our updated online magazine, blogs, and forum discussions.
  • Opportunities to participate in state and national leadership events.
  • Upcoming event information.

2017 Annual Membership Fees:

  • Program Membership for Individual and/or Survivor: $50
  • Program Membership for Tribal DV/SA Program; Tribal Council/Tribe: $400
  • Ally Membership for Other Tribal Program or Department: $200
  • Ally Membership for Non-Tribal Programs and Organization: $450

Members include the 29 Tribes in Washington State and individuals. Fill out an online membership registration form and make payment via PayPal. If you prefer to pay by check, please download our hard copy membership payment form..

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To become a member of the WomenSpirit Coalition, please fill out the online Membership Form/Invoice. Thank you for showing your support!